Technical Engineer
Representative Technical Engineering

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If you digitize a shitty process, then you’ll end up with a shitty digital process

– Thorsten Dirks, former CEO of Telefónica Germany

Driven by a large amount of curiosity and thirst for knowledge, I have been on a journey through the universe of IT systems in the field of marketing and communication for years. My daily motivation is to discover new planets and ways to enable our clients to travel through their planetary system more efficiently, quickly and sustainably.

My roles



He is the representative to the General Company Circle to represent the interests of a sub-circle and to manage tensions. He aligns activities with policies and works collaboratively with other Representatives. He helps the Circle to understand the common goals and supports it in planning how to achieve these goals.



He gets going when it comes to challenges. He confidently finds solutions and tinkers with passion, especially where others have already given up.


Team member

He gets to know people so well that he also understands them. Therein lies his key to cooperation. Most of the time he is the sympathetic one. He uses his words consciously.



He does everything 100%. He takes his time and works precisely. He strives for the highest possible quality. He overlooks the situation, sees all the factors and completes projects cleanly. Others like to think of him as detail-oriented.

My circles

Technical Engineering

Technical Engineering has a comprehensive overview of the systems, technologies and interfaces. By understanding technology in marketing, it ensures the evaluation of solutions. The technical recommendation leads to software developments that are structured, coordinated and goal-oriented. It formulates the identified requirements in such a way that they are feasible for the developers.


New media and technologies, volleyball, card games, family and friends

Things I ❤

Italian food, German music, black humour and white mountains


Certified SAFe® 5 Practitioner

Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM 1)

PRINCE2® Foundation Certificate

Webpublisher SIZ

Polygraph EFZ