We are convinced that highly specialised technologies and service providers do the best in their discipline. Together with them, we develop the best ideas and solutions integratively and collaboratively across systems.

Our partners


The following partners are companies offering impressive technologies and services in the field of MarTech. They represent the best in their class for specific disciplines and work with us on an equal footing. Working with our partners, we can create the best possible conditions to ensure our customers’ projects are a success. We know and value the people behind our partner companies.

As a spin-off of censhare (Schweiz) AG, aclevion offers consulting services and implements software solutions in the field of information communication.

retail. All integrated into one cloud platform, alongside services, support and an open ecosystem, to deliver impressive customer experiences.

and distributing data smoothly across all kinds of media in omnichannel commerce. In its OMN suite, it combines MAM, PIM and publishing with artificial intelligence.

Its services include consulting on every aspect of digitalisation as well as the implementation and operation of software solutions in the form of networked systems.

on innovative technologies. BSI has been passionately committed to the digitalisation of companies and demonstrated a consistent customer focus since 1996.


content distribution eliminate the complexity of working with multiple systems. This gives you the freedom to create better content and transform it for every target group.


across 11 development centres worldwide. It’s YOUNITY’s competent, flexible technical partner for innovative digitalisation projects, providing agile development, support and services remotely.

websites, apps and devices. It provides a central hub for structured content, powerful administration and delivery APIs, and a customisable web app that helps content developers and creators to deliver digital products faster.

analytics, consulting and marketing with high-performance implementation. Its analyses focus on the data-based derivation of specific steps and recommendations for action. This enables the company to exploit potential throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

and tech. Thanks to its holistic understanding of communication, the company helps customers to understand marketing issues, develop effective solutions, and harness the potential of new technologies.

efficiency and simple design collaboration in the cloud – for companies of all sizes. Its products combine the requirements of style guides, libraries and projects for creative teams.

and sales hub drives traffic and provides detailed information on potential customers, while also offering an impressive approach to the automation of business processes. In short, it pairs hands-on CRM with marketing automation technology.


imaginative. Its employees not only share a passion for their work: they are also fascinated by new developments, the digital world and their passion for creativity. They help SMEs, both large and small, to improve their social media marketing in a sustainable and legally compliant way.

preparation of financial and corporate reports. Create reports in a simple, stress-free, traceable and secure way – in print, online and on XBRL.

The company covers the entire IT lifecycle, from brainstorming and strategy through to implementation and operation. It provides advisory, creative, design and development services when standard solutions are insufficient.

management, digital marketing and e-commerce, empowering brands to create digital experiences that impact customers.

document management tools and CRM to help your team focus on what they do best.

together. Unic is the only digital agency in Switzerland to have won the Master of Swiss Web award four times. The agency is top-ranked in the Best of Swiss Web ‘usability’ category and is given the Sitecore Experience Award each year for one or more of our projects.

Kubernetes, OpenShift & 24/7 cloud operations. The company supports software developers in making applications automatically testable, deployable and scalable, enabling them to operate them on any infrastructure.

to effectively reach your target audiences. They take you to search engines, digital assistants, video platforms, websites, apps and social media.

creates inspiration for the creative department and, through interactive discussions, transforms it into unique brand experiences in the digital space.