Business & Project Engineer

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If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

– Clint Eastwood

I took my first steps as a business analyst in the agile environment of an insurance company. In the meantime, I have joined the YOUNITY team with joy and curiosity. A crew that shares my enthusiasm for innovative technologies, processes and ways of working. My vision is to accompany our customers from “Why?” to “Why not?”. Because: “It’s like this because it’s like this” doesn’t exist for me. Guaranteed.

My roles



She gets going when it comes to challenges. She confidently finds solutions and tinkers with passion where others have already given up.



She puzzles people and measures together. She is interested in opinions. They provide her with clues as to what needs to be done. She recognises strengths and delegates without pushing in a particular direction.


Doer type

She is solution-oriented and looks for practical feasibility. She develops realistic action plans and thinks about important issues. She feels most comfortable when she can lead in a well-structured way.

My circles

Business Engineering

Business Engineering contributes to strategic success. It analyses the requirements in the area of marketing and advises with tailor-made measures. Business Engineering helps to enable the organisation to operate and further develop the system landscape in the long term and with its own resources.

Project Engineering

Project Engineering is characterised by its project competence. It analyses the project requirements and framework conditions and advises on the evaluation of suitable frameworks in order to create the basis for optimal project implementation. Project Engineering guarantees that requirements are implemented with due regard for tolerances, and it pays particular attention to quality without ignoring possible risks.


Culinary, books, music, design, history and art

Things I ❤

Wine, Negroni, Italy, coffee, Scandinavian design, skiing, Mürren, podcasts and Harry Potter


Bachelor of Science (ZFH) in Business Administration

IREB Professional Requirements Engineering (Foundation)

Certified SAFe® 5 Agilist