The Marketing Project Force is there for the methodical preparation and realisation of your measures, epics and projects. It ensures full implementation at all times. From the detailed determination of requirements to the development of the project framework to the transfer to the development teams.

Together we can realise your vision of digital marketing with our modular products. Choose the right services from our bundle. 

Our bundle


A bundle that takes into account all the prerequisites for a successful realisation of MarTech and gets the maximum out of it during implementation. Of course, the services can also be booked individually.

Requirements engineering

Goal-oriented and established requirements identification

Identified user/customer journeys

Formulated prioritised epics, features and user stories

Visualised storyboard

Prepared product backlog

Project management

Steering and supervision of a project or epic

Support of the programme management and the product owners

Agile roleplay such as Scrum Master or Product Owner in case of lack of resources or know-how

Full support for stakeholders and technology partners

Quality management, reviews, surveys and audits, control of project progress and compliance with tolerances

Documented applications

Trained users

Framework engineering

Analysis and recommendation of project strategies, frameworks and methods

Development of individual project frameworks

Formulated playbook with roles, artefacts and events

Configured project software and tools

Onboarding of all stakeholders and partners

Technical management

Technical supervision of epics, features, user stories and development work

Requirements review and redefinition for estimated, planable and releasable backlog items

Agile Roleplay like Subject Matter Expert

Control and test of developer delivery objects

Technically prepared templates

Configured software

On demand


Your benefits

Effective and efficient project framework for all parties

Features and user stories that correspond to the DoR/DoD

Visualised storyboard and prioritised product backlog

Motivated and activated stakeholders in the project

Full-service project management and body leasing for agile roles

Involvement and support of technology service providers

YOUNITY has been supporting Migros since 2014 with its marketing content management, system-based processes and automation. In addition, YOUNITY uses its experience within agile teams to ensure the ongoing development of the products entrusted to it.

– Conradin Schaad, Head of Sales Promotions, Migros


Well, you want to put your optimisation potential into practice, but you still need support? Do you lack resources or know-how? Do you want to use your potential for automation and trigger-based marketing? Do you want to channel marketing requirements in a more focused way and work even more efficiently with IT? Or would you like support in coordinating the development teams?

Then the YOUNITY Marketing Project Force is exactly the right product for you.