YOUSTON, ready for liftoff: YOUNITY website relaunch done!

We are proud to announce that our website relaunch is complete. And you've probably landed right here because you've noticed that something is different. We would like to go into more detail about our motives, goals and vision.

Exactly on January 1st 2019, we initiated a business transformation with YOUNITY. We no longer wanted to be tied to a software portfolio, we wanted to find the best solution for marketing at any time and also accompany it in its implementation. So we decided at that time (in a wonderful pool in the Kurhaus Lenzerheide, no joke!) to take the step from software integrator to IT consultant for marketing. We didn’t know what kind of adventure we were embarking on. But one thing was clear: this new direction corresponds to our intrinsic motivation, the reason why Monday at YOUNITY is not a day when you don’t want to work. On the contrary, we are on fire for our new identity!

Startup Groove 2019 in the waterless pool of the Kurhaus
Back then, we also went out in the snow to get some fresh air.

It took us barely six months to get the ideas, processes and configuration management in place internally for the project. But from then on, the project became a bit more complicated. We had to deal intensively with how to deal with existing projects, partners, customers and the new holistic value chain. And last but not least came the biggest challenge: How do we manage to communicate such complex services in a simple and understandable way? It took a few communication concepts and product strategies until we found the right solution. And this new website implicitly stands for our new communication and product strategy, which makes the decision on 1 January 2019 for the business transformation tangible for the general public for the first time and thus also brings this project to a successful conclusion.

Productized Services for Marketing

The most striking change is probably our new product portfolio. Specifically, we are talking about the following products:

We have intensively examined how a consulting service provider that bridges the gap between IT technologies and marketing requirements can help companies. For this purpose, we have bundled our competences and brought them into an effective sequence, which promises our customers orientation security and quality. In addition, we wanted the procedure to be standardised for efficiency, but also customised for demanding projects. For this purpose, we have also created the respective bundles “Starter” and “Advanced”. In this way, we enable the right approach for every need and every budget in order to sustainably optimise digital marketing.

The Marketing Health Check offers the ideal starting point for this. This product offers perfectly coordinated bundles that put the current digital situation in marketing through its paces. Based on the specifications and the business case, business processes, objects and system architecture are determined by means of interviews and then concrete packages of measures are developed by means of the specially designed YOUNITY business map. This provides clients with complete transparency about their current situation, possible measures and associated costs. We also uncover organisational gaps in the process.

The Marketing Solution Design starts seamlessly with the Marketing Health Check. As soon as the current situation is known, we support the design or development of the future situation with this product. Here, too, standardised bundles in two versions serve to provide clients with comprehensive results easily and quickly. From the development of the vision and goals, the professional implementation of workshops to the modelling of the business processes, objects and system architecture, we offer an all-round service to optimise organisational as well as technical factors. Always accompanied by system-independent software consulting and an extensive partner network for all needs.

The Marketing Project Force rounds off our service and is worthwhile for all customers who also want to rely on the quality of YOUNITY during realisation. This product serves two goals above all: The creation of all prerequisites for a successful realisation and the support during it. In addition to our consulting know-how, we have a high level of competence in requirements and framework engineering. In this way, we ensure that development teams receive everything in the quality that the implementation can be carried out seamlessly, appropriately and without additional costs. If required, we develop project frameworks that work for everyone involved and are also fun to use. Should it be desired that the implementation is accompanied by our project management and technical management, we thus offer a fully comprehensive end-to-end service for our customers.

Advice that cares about the result

Our products are not about being able to do everything. Not at all, on the contrary: we clearly focus on consulting services, leadership and technical consulting in a project. This means that we do everything for the project to make it a success, but do not develop and operate it ourselves. If clients decide in favour of the Marketing Project Force and the services in project management and technical engineering, they gain access to a broad technology network, which is supported and managed by YOUNITY on request.

This is a commitment to our partners as well as to ourselves: Everyone does what they do best – we create win-win situations for the best results for our customers. It is not without reason that we have established the credo “better together”.

And what offers the new website?

Well, she is particularly good at presenting content. But joking aside! With our new web platform, which is technologically a combination of WordPress and HubSpot, we have succeeded in sharpening the offer for our visitors on the internet and transporting our DNA. In addition to some technical optimisations and the developed YOUNITY theme, the setup impresses with the seamless integration of marketing automation. And that means our website and its touch points contribute significantly to a 360-degree view of our clientele. As a small company focused on consultancy and their project services, we don’t want to spend unnecessary time on sales activities. From now on, we will use predefined customer journeys and also a bit of artificial intelligence to increase our presence in the market and provide an even better service to our prospects. So at YOUNITY, it’s over with “preaching wine and drinking water”! From now on, we will also treat ourselves to a glass – after work, of course.

What can YOUNITY help me with?

in short, if the technology overview in marketing is somewhat lacking, technological debts cannot be identified or an initial assessment of the digital situation in marketing is needed, we are a suitable contact. But even if the current situation has already been identified in the company, YOUNITY can help to create and realise an ideal image. Step by step in realisable sizes and with the acceptance of all stakeholders.

Raise your glasses: Laudatio!

At this point, the most important things have probably been said. Just one more thing: YOUNITY has been a small organisation for seven years now, always striving to provide a high quality service in the digitalisation of marketing through partnership, collegiality and professionalism. This, as well as the entire transformation, could only be achieved because fantastic people in our environment have always believed in us and supported us. At this point, a big thank you to the entire YOUNITY team (you are heroes!), to all our customers and partners, to our business consultants who advise advisors, to our creative geniuses and “last but not least” personally to Dani Ehrensperger, who gave this project the important backing it needed from the very first minute – after all, without Goose, Maverick would only be half as good.

With this in mind, after the transformation is before the transformation, let’s go for it: «Mic Drop»…

Image: Marcin Dampc, Pexels

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