YOUNITY donates and supports Moroccan families in need

In December, we asked our customers, partners and friends to vote for our Christmas fundraiser.

The relief action is carried out by Donating Hands and the following were available as concrete donation measures:

And the winner is…

The Support-Flow to Morocco! 

We thank you very much for your participation and look forward to supporting this project. Because cold, hunger and poverty are becoming even more of a problem in Morocco due to the pandemic. International tourism is lying fallow in Morocco. In a country where thousands of people live from tourism. Not only the hotels or restaurants, but every taxi driver, every carpet weaver and every shepherd are affected. And the state’s aid package is small. People in areas like the mountains or the desert, where it is now bitterly cold and even snowing, are being hit particularly hard. It is unbearable in the huts without heating. There is no money for warm clothes – especially in the current situation. YOUNITY and Donating Hands are helping to organise, transport and distribute the next three shipments of winter clothing. We are happy to show you a Tele1 report by the initiator of the “Support-Flow to Morocco” Sarah Bischof.

Of course, we will keep you informed about the fundraising campaign in the coming newsletters and what exactly could be achieved with it. We look forward to making our contribution!

Image: Maison Darna

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