Use Artificial Intelligence for your data, whether it’s Google Vision, Clarifai, etc.

How do I bring AI into my marketing? And how does it benefit me? You have heard of artificial intelligence and want to know how you can use it in marketing and communication?

Are you also interested in the agile approach to determining your requirements? We show you in our video how you can successfully transform your individual requirements into a piece of software right from the start and how AI is already being used in practice today. Learn the following in our (german!) video:

  • Using processes, objects and software architecture to achieve clear measures
  • Goal-oriented requirements management for the realisation of the packages of measures
  • Successful configuration and use of the required AI in content management
  • Benefits achieved with AI and a look into the future

It’s been a while since the recording, but still, the implementation of AI is still hesitant. We show you how you can start with just one idea so that you will soon be performing with a personal AI. Enjoy the video turtorial.

Foto: Pixabay, Pexels

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