Sustainability – also in MarTech!

What do shopping for the latest It-pieces and choosing a suitable MarTech tool have in common in terms of sustainability? We at YOUNITY think: a lot. Why? We'll explain it to you here.


  • According to current studies, sustainability is also a top issue in marketing.
  • We make sustainable decisions when choosing MarTech tools in a similar way to fashion, by answering a few but important questions.
  • The most sustainable approach is to use the right tool in the right place.

Every year, Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday once again move consumers to fill their virtual or real shopping baskets to the brim and then leave the checkout with the certain feeling that they have made really good decisions. This year, a countermovement is increasingly mixing into the shopping mood: sustainability. In marketing, too, chief marketing officers see sustainability as one of the three most important topics for the coming year (you can find the study here).

When we relaunched YOUNITY in the summer, we already thought about the question of what contribution we can and want to make together with our customers – after all, sustainability is one of our Core Values. Recently, we noticed in the discourse around the discount battles that there are some exciting parallels in the purchase decisions regarding consumer goods and MarTech (marketing technology).

Making more sustainable decisions – but how?

Promotions like Black Friday tempt shoppers to skip the consideration process and grab it right away. But to make more sustainable decisions, we should ask ourselves a few questions before making a purchase – let’s say a jumper: Do I really need the item, or am I just blinded by how great the jumper looks on my work colleague or on social media? Are price and quality balanced? Does it fit in with my existing wardrobe? Will I have to make several additional purchases before I can put together a matching outfit? These are all questions that, at their core, are not so different from the questions one should ask oneself when choosing a suitable MarTech (marketing technology) tool.

Just like potential new pieces for your wardrobe, there are a few things to consider when scouting a MarTech solution. For now, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, a digital asset management (DAM) tool or any other tool. To make a sustainable decision, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Objectively, does the tool really meet my requirements? Or does it just look great in the demo or at the competitor?
  2. Is the price-performance ratio right? Does the tool bring me real and measurable added value? Will it make me more efficient, for example?
  3. Does this solution really fit my existing system architecture and processes? Can I ensure the necessary interfaces to fully utilise the tool’s functionalities?
  4. How much effort do I estimate it will take to implement the tool and, if necessary, to train my staff in it?

Have you answered these questions and are you still completely convinced by a tool? Wonderful. If not, return it to the (virtual) shelf and keep searching – even if it’s sometimes difficult. As in fashion, there is a huge range of tools available in the MarTech environment. Different tools, in turn, often offer different modules and levels of expansion. Keeping an overview, staying up to date and then making the right decisions is complex to almost impossible.

Sustainability is using the right tool in the right place

This is exactly where we at YOUNITY can support you. In addition to sustainability, we also consistently focus on system independence. This means that we provide neutral advice and do without kick-backs. Why? Because we are convinced that only a neutral partner can develop truly sustainable recommendations for the selection of your MarTech tool.

We have an overview of innovations and trends as well as the range of technologies on the market and are able to select exactly the solution that fits your needs – and sustainably! We will find a tool for you that is not just impressive because of its fancy user interface, but also because of the measurable efficiency gain that you can realise with it. One that is tailored to you – almost like a perfectly fitting jumper. Because: only what fits perfectly is really sustainable.

Are you ready to digitise your marketing sustainably? We would be happy to convince you that we are exactly the right partner for your project.

Make a really sustainable decision now – let’s get to know each other!

Foto: Jordan Nix, Unsplash

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