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Hubspot describes itself as a powerful and user-friendly CRM platform that creates outstanding customer experiences that inspire in no time at all. We've studied it extensively and are now delighted to count Hubspot as one of our partners. We'll tell you why.

YOUNITY’s clients appreciate that we always strive to offer a comprehensive and dynamic partner network that combines the best and relevant technologies and developers for marketing. It is not a matter of just making use of the resources of our network, but rather of being able to fall back on already well-functioning and well-rehearsed workflows for a quick and uncomplicated cooperation. In doing so, it is always important to us to offer the most up-to-the-minute solutions for marketing in the Swiss corporate sector. And now HubSpot. How did it come about, what motivated us to do it and for whom could this software be relevant?

We are happy to clarify. But first, a little video for all those who can’t quite place HubSpot yet (and for everyone else, because it’s even funny!):

The HubSpot modules at a glance

So we all understood, at the latest in the video, that HubSpot does something with customer data and makes for happy people. Essentially, this is the focus of the Sales Hubs of HubSpot – a CRM system that focuses on the needs of sales teams – and apparently makes them happy as a result. In addition, there is also the Service Hub as customer service software and the Marketing Hub, which provides the most important tools for marketing in one central location. The CMS and Operations Hub are two additional exciting modules that technologically support the activities of the three main modules already mentioned. But what we are particularly interested in: The Marketing Hub! Especially since the Marketing Hub already includes basic bundles of the other hubs. So you can choose the hubs where your company’s focus is or where there is the most work to be done, but you can also use other modules on a limited basis.

The Marketing Hub for Marketing Teams

The Marketing Hub is HubSpot’s lead conversion engine, which works integratively with customer data, providing practical reports at any time. The Marketing Hub can use blogs, social media, ads, landing pages, emails and marketing automation, for example. Below is an overview of the individual services in the Marketing Hub via the available bundles:

Free functions

  • E-Mail-Marketing
  • Forms
  • Landing-Pages
  • Live-Chat
  • Ads in Social Media
  • Contact Data-Management

Starter functions

  • All free functions
  • Follow-up-E-Mails
  • Ads-Retargeting
  • Reporting on landing pages
  • Support for currencies
  • No HubSpot-Branding

Professional functions

  • All starter functions
  • Marketing automation
  • SEO
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Custom reporting

Enterprise functions

  • Alle professional functions
  • Account-based-Marketing
  • Adaptive Tests
  • Automatized Lead-Scoring
  • User roles
  • Multi-touch turnover attribution

The best thing about the bundles is that a CRM – which should be sufficient for some users – is already on board in the entry-level variant. Of course, we have been asked from time to time whether HubSpot is really something useful in the professional field. It seems as if the possibility of a free entry would raise questions about the application possibilities in the corporate environment. We can reassure you that HubSpot is attractively priced and technologically very powerful. However, the licence costs can be higher as soon as functionalities are used in the enterprise segment. The technology is thoroughly convincing with a beautiful appearance, excellent and intelligent user guidance and exemplary integration options. The software conveys a pleasant “hands-on feeling” and allows interventions in the configuration without expert knowledge.

Who is Hubspot suitable for?

In essence and roughly summarised, HubSpot impresses with its simple visually appealing operation and the seamless integration of the individual modules, which can be configured without major problems. In addition, the knowledge database for self-study is very extensive. We also like the countless connections for further tools and technologies, which can be very helpful depending on the system environment. The step-by-step ease of scalability seems to be a basic principle here. HubSpot offers SMEs and larger companies a solid solution in the area of lead management and digital marketing measures.

We can generally recommend HubSpot where a degree of fulfilment of about 80 percent (entirely according to Pareto) of the individual requirements is sufficient. If you want to be one hundred percent sure (or the requirements are so demanding) that all company requirements have to be configured and developed down to the last detail or even legal data protection is subject to very special guidelines, other technologies should tend to be considered.

YOUNITY and HubSpot, what’s in it for me?

On the one hand, our analysis work allows us to determine where and in which IT strategy HubSpot brings an advantage to achieving the company’s goals – or not. On the other hand, in the case of a future or current use of HubSpot, we can validate whether there is potential for optimisation in the overall context of marketing technology (MarTech).

All YOUNITY customers can be sure of one thing: YOUNITY supports them system-neutrally in the choice of suitable technologies, whether HubSpot or other software products in marketing. Our individual consulting takes your individual needs into account and finds the right solutions and partners for you.

Would you like to find out your marketing potential with HubSpot or other technologies? Then take advantage of our Marketing Health Check:



Through our system-independent analysis, we find your concrete potential regarding digitalisation, automation, processes and technology use in marketing.


Image: HubSpot

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