How Robotic Process Automation saves time and nerves in marketing with bots

In January, Mario Kotschner had the pleasure of speaking with specialists Gourav Datta and Kieran Gilmurray in our webinar about the hype of Robotic Process Automation and how the bots can be used in marketing.

In this exciting (part-time german) session on an emerging automation technology, the topic of RPA (and the distinction from marketing automation) will be made tangible to the marketing manager.

According to Gartner, RPA had already achieved a breakthrough in 2020 – and now, due to Corona, it may hardly be avoidable in the future. So this year will explore the potential of RPA – and the “marketeers” should also benefit from it.

This automation is realised with the help of many small bots that act like employees. It is not necessary to change existing systems or interfaces. Missing seamless interactions or automations between systems and/or people can be promoted or taken over with the help of a virtual employee. This frees employees from repetitive, boring and error-prone tasks and gives them more time for important work.

The integration of RPA is relatively quick and can be scaled very easily. Also, the investment is not comparable to the implementation of entire systems and interfaces. Together with Ciklum, YOUNITY offers marketing departments the chance to experience and try out Robotic Process Automation at low cost.

Find out what RPA can do for your marketing and how you can benefit from our special offer in our handout.

We offer you the analysis capabilities of YOUNITY and the development power of Ciklum in an attractive package, so that you know exactly where you should use bots and save your marketing budget.

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