Comprehensive digitisation of supply data for Migros

We have been supporting Migros for many years in the digitalisation of offer data and the associated promotions. The area of promotions is a very important business sector for Migros, as it enables sales, the shopping basket and the decision on the shopping channel to be positively influenced.

In the areas of print and point-of-sale communication, we have managed to significantly increase efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism in recent years. The other digital channels were recently successfully fully integrated.

Offer and promotion data are taken from existing merchandise management and product information systems and centrally planned and prepared for the various communication channels. The employees and partners are supported by system-guided processes with automatisms, so that a fast time-to-market could be realised. The diversification of advertising media and thus of all offers also increased the need to produce content in a media-neutral way. The content-first approach ensured that the content and media of the offers only had to go through the production process once and could then be used across the board for analogue and digital channels without generating additional costs.

Of particular note is the ongoing automated creation and personalised distribution of regional point-of-sale communications to all branches in Switzerland, which has increased security and customer satisfaction.

Ongoing optimisation

With many years of experience in customer-specific business cases, it is also our mission to actively support Migros with regard to further IT and marketing strategies and the realisation of change requests. We carry out preliminary studies, manage project teams, take care of stakeholders and ensure ongoing consideration of future business requirements in the form of consulting mandates, system enhancements, training and proof-of-concepts.

Change Portfolio Management

Today’s world demands rapid and extensive changes in an IT system landscape in order to be able to meet future customer needs. This in turn entails countless change requests across a wide range of systems and teams. With our methods and experience in configuration management, we support Migros in fully absorbing, analysing, processing and implementing changes. Coordinated services from Business Engineering, Project Engineering and Technical Engineering ensure a controlled prioritised deployment of all software changes.

Integration of agile Frameworks

Agile approaches have not stopped at large companies for a long time. Our Business Engineering and Project Engineering ensures the selective testing and potential use of agile frameworks such as Scrum or SAFe. Through the collaborative development of playbooks, artefacts and roles with internal specialists, we create a sustainable and intrinsically motivated ecosystem to further increase customer and employee satisfaction in the future.

Our range of services for Migros in a nutshell

  • Business analysis and consulting of marketing requirements
  • Examination and integration of technological trends in retail
  • Project and stakeholder management for marketing and IT
  • Planning and realisation of change requests
  • Coordination and prioritisation of a change portfolio and related IT suppliers
  • Consulting and development of agile frameworks for IT projects

Image: Visual Tag MX, Pexels

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