Analysis of the marketing systems for SWICA

SWICA is one of the leading health and accident insurers in Switzerland. It offers its customers financial security and optimum medical care in the event of illness, accident and maternity.

This is due, among other things, to the extensive digital and analogue communication tools, customer-friendly interaction measures and solution-oriented touch points that it makes available to its clientele. In order to guarantee this in the future, we were allowed to take a look behind the scenes of the marketing departments. We support SWICA in the analysis of the current situation and in the identification of optimisation potential, which becomes possible with the change of trends and technologies.

Especially in the field of health care, the realisation of new technological possibilities is a great challenge. This is because the processing of data can involve highly sensitive information that needs to be protected. However, taking this into account, opportunities should also be exploited that lead to an even more integrated, better and digitalised customer experience in order to offer its customers the best possible support.

Relationships with people need to be nurtured – and SWICA is therefore committed to ensuring that the entire communication process is both automated and personalised. Accordingly, the requirements for a networked application and system landscape are extremely high and challenging. SWICA has a very advanced starting position. The aim is to continue to ensure the best possible service in the future by means of state-of-the-art systems and processes.

Extensive information analysis and advice

With the help of stakeholders in marketing and communication, we use customised, target-oriented interviews to determine the current and target technological situation in business engineering. We support the business in designing a target picture. Based on the extensive information from a wide range of specialists, we assess the current situation and create a potential digital strategy that impacts on the business goals. Our advice is based on the business processes, business objects and system architecture. All three levels of this analysis are reflected in an interdependent analysis view. With the customer requirements, the target picture for future communication and information handling is increasingly formed. The ACTUAL, as well as the TARGET, is continuously checked and adjusted for effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. This is an ongoing process that is ensured in order to achieve the marketing and IT goals in the long term.

At the appropriate time, based on the results of a GAP analysis, we identify specific packages of measures that represent the most effective approach to achieving the goals. These measures are supported by a well-founded preliminary study, which also informs the management quickly and comprehensively about the project, its opportunities and risks.

As YOUNITY stands not only for consulting, but also for full and personal support in the digitalisation of marketing and communication, we also support SWICA in the planning, realisation, quality assurance of individual measures to always ensure successful implementation. We have already helped SWICA to quickly sharpen its technological vision, create an overview of systems and information and take the first steps towards optimising the marketing landscape.

Our range of services for SWICA in a nutshell

  • Analysis of existing IT environments.
  • Consideration of all stakeholders.
  • Review and support of technological strategies.
  • Business analysis and consulting of business processes, objects and system architecture.
  • Identification of optimisation potential and alternative solutions.
  • Preparation of preliminary studies and analysis views.
  • Concrete packages of measures incl. evaluation and prioritisation.
  • Support in decision-making.
  • Support in preparing and setting up a project.

Have we piqued your interest? Let’s discover your potential in digital marketing!



Through our system-independent analysis, we find your concrete potential regarding digitalisation, automation, processes and technology use in marketing.


Image: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

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