9 steps to the right MarTech system landscape

In this article, we explain how a software evaluation for marketing technologies (MarTech) is successful and what is important.


  • Insights into professional system evaluation! We provide you with valuable knowledge on how to start systematic technology scouting based on your business goals. You will learn how business processes, business objects and system architecture work in harmony.
  • A recording from the SOM Online Conference 2022 shows you in 9 concrete steps how we at YOUNITY proceed to evaluate the best marketing technologies for companies.

On 24 March 2022, at the SOM Online Conference, we were able to show how a software evaluation for marketing technologies (MarTech software) is made so that the business objectives are pursued and achieved at all times. The reason for this is the sheer endless choice of technologies with which marketing can – or even must – work today.

SOM is a well-known and popular format in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Well, like most conferences these days, SOM also took place remotely. Of course, this is a shame because of the lack of personal contact, but we also have a recording for you.


What can we tell marketers at a conference that they haven’t heard many times before? How can we communicate effective value? How do we make it clear that the focus is not on sales, but rather on the transfer of know-how to promote digitalised and perhaps transformed marketing? These are questions we always ask ourselves before releasing information to the public. This time, we decided to really dig deep into our cards! We reveal how business and technology can merge into perfection and what measures are necessary to achieve this. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also present two visualisations we developed ourselves for the first time:

  • The “Business Map for Sustainable Digitalisation”
    © Mario Kotschner, YOUNITY/Wirz
  • The “Business Radar for Sustainable Digitalisation”
    © YOUNITY/Wirz


The “Business Map for Sustainable Digitalisation” was already developed two years ago and has now reached its final stage. It impressively shows whether the business processes in the company are efficient and effective in terms of system architecture and business objects, or not. It is a crucial indicator that business analysts, system architects, process managers and software integrators can use for their IT and MarTech strategy to achieve a sustainable and verifiable improvement of the current situation. The business map is based on the “Triangle of technological efficiency” (© Mario Kotschner, YOUNITY/Wirz), which emphasises that a change in process, object or context must always trigger a mutual interaction. Mario Kotschner – inventor and developer of the Business Map as well as the Triangle – quotes the Business Map as follows: “Everything you change might change everything!”. We at YOUNITY and our customers are convinced that the business map is an essential component for the sustainable and system-independent technological development of a company.

The “Business Radar for Sustainable Digitalisation” is the second great invention from YOUNITY. It manages to present the technologies and systems used in a company in a simple and understandable way. And it does so – which distinguishes it decisively from all other forms of representation – in relation to the task, purpose and context of organisational units. To do this, we use the theory of domain-driven design and create an organisational and technological vessel for software and your MarTech stacks by means of patterns, bounded context and building blocks. The key here is that it is not the technology that is at the centre, but rather the purpose that is to be fulfilled by the technology. In the form of our Business Radar, we visualise technologies that pursue a purpose and thus reduce redundancies and conflicts. It enables an immediate visualisation of the optimisation potential. The Business Radar is an insane overall achievement of YOUNITY and originated in the minds of Manuel Dahinden, Reto Ulrich and Philipp Schütz. Amazing job guys!


Sure, you want to know more about where and how the Business Map and the Business Radar are used. And this is where we close the circle to the SOM Online Conference. In the following video, or on our YouTube channel, you can see how we specifically analyse and bring about sustainable change in companies:

We are very sorry, but the video below is only available in German. However, we would be happy to show you the content in English in person.

Would you like the handout for the video? Contact us in the form below and we will be happy to share our handout with you. And if you feel like it, let’s talk about the potential in your business! And if you want to know today how fit your marketing is, go here to our online marketing fitness test!

Image: Mitchell Luo, Unsplash

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