Advanced requirements management for Swiss Post

Swiss Post combines the physical and digital worlds and sets new standards in the process. In its communication measures, it is therefore essential that it can react quickly and precisely.

In order to continue to create a comprehensive goal-oriented environment for their employees, customers and partners, we are allowed to support the traditional companies in exploring and establishing new technologies and systems in marketing and communication.

More and more dynamic communication channels create new opportunities to support employees, branches and customers even better. These opportunities must be exploited by means of new technologies in such a way that the associated risks can be skilfully reduced.

The complexity of communication at Swiss Post is very high, which speaks for itself. Every day or even every hour, interesting and comprehensive media releases have to be communicated, information about services and products has to be provided or orders and related productions have to be carried out. All this requires good planning, media-neutral information/data handling and reliable intuitive systems that take all stakeholders into account.

Business Analyse and Consulting

With customised interviews, workshops and story boards, we determine the requirements of various stakeholders in business engineering and technical engineering and support the business in the formulation and prioritisation of user stories. In the form of preliminary studies, models and backlog items, we evaluate the current situation and identify the potential target situation. Our advice is based on the business processes, business objects and system architecture. If, in cooperation with the product owner, we have succeeded in pointing out the importance of carrying out the project, we ensure that the company’s requirements can also be continuously reviewed in order to guarantee maximum acceptance.

Project Taskforce

In the form of a project task force, our project engineering ensures that the prepared requirements are planned and implemented in accordance with the guidelines and tolerances. We are responsible for several epics and ensure that all developers can use their full competence to develop the best possible system landscape and application technology within the framework of the project. Our Technical Engineering also ensures that the quality guidelines with Definition of Ready/Requirements and Definition of Done are adhered to.

Hybrid Framework

In order to achieve efficient results, we support Swiss Post in terms of methods and frameworks. With our experience, we combine waterfall elements from HERMES 5 with artefacts from Scrum as a transfer, so that all project stakeholders have the control tools that are important to them. Especially the realisation according to agile approaches with several involved service providers is a challenge, which we were able to professionalise step by step. We support the Post in continuously implementing its IT projects for communication according to modern approaches and new work factors.

Our range of services for Swiss Post in a nutshell

  • Review and support of technological strategies
  • Professional requirements and stakeholder management
  • Development of preliminary studies, story boards, user stories, backlog items
  • Project management, coordination of service providers and developers
  • Quality assurance, e.g. by means of DoR and DoD
  • Development and refinement of hybrid and agile frameworks (Scrum)
  • Ensuring configuration management
  • Project support and support for operations

Image: Elevate Digital, Pexels

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